Pinta Balay activity at Purok Bougainvillea is part of the celebration of Sagay City 22nd Charter Anniversary. This activity was led by Syano Artlink with nationally and internationally acclaimed Sagaynon artist Maestro Nunelucio Alvarado painted more than 30 houses with 130 volunteers. Maestro Alvarado’s Painted Matters was incorporated in the painting making it uniquely Maestro’s iconic style. The artistic direction of the house painting were inspired from his original concept “Painted Matters” to make it originally Sagaynon artistry (only in Sagay). Color of the paints should be bright, loud colors reflective of the Philippines as being a tropical country. No writings on the wall. No human figures. Just lines and shapes with black outline. “Black lines is important as it provides strength and definition,” Alvarado emphasized. “Painted matters” Alvarado explained “all objects whether ordinary or not as long as it is painted with bright colors become more meaningful, hence painted objects thus truly matter.

Sagay Water District joins Pinta Balay